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Eco-Friendly DIY Baby Shower Party Tips

Eco-Friendly DIY Baby Shower Party Tips
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From buying plastic plates to brand new baby toys and furniture, baby showers can result in, well, a lot of waste. Here are a few simple DIY ways to make your baby shower eco-friendly and fun for everyone, including Mother Nature.

Ecofriendly Baby Shower Party Ideas

If we’re being honest, throwing a baby shower (and any party for that matter) can have a negative impact on the environment. From buying plasticware, party decor, and brand new clothes and toys, there are a lot of opportunities for waste involved. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide on how to throw an eco-friendly, DIY baby shower!

Spice up your Eco Party Time tableware with this DIY charger idea

Thought our bamboo plates couldn’t get any cuter? Think again! These DIY chargers are so simple and add the perfect flair to your tablescape. All you need is a paint brush, some paint, our Bamboo Veneerware 11” Round Plates, and a little bit of creativity. Pick whatever design you want and get to painting! ;

Painting Bamboo plate-Ecofriendly DIY Baby Shower

Painting Bamboo plate-Ecofriendly DIY Baby Shower

Painted bamboo plate charger-Ecofriendly DIY Baby Shower

Create these DIY hand-dipped name cards

These DIY hand-dipped name cards will make everyone at the baby shower feel thought of and cared for! You’ll need, watercolor paper, watercolor paint, and a small bowl.

1. Tear the watercolor paper to size

2. Mix a teaspoon of watercolor paint in the color of your choice with one cup of water in the bowl

3. Dip one edge of the watercolor paper in the bowl at an angle and set out to dry

4. Once dry, dip the paper in at the opposite angle on the same side and leave to dry

5. Add names of your guests! Voila! These cards are so easy but add such a thoughtful touch to your table!

Hand painted Name Cards-Ecofriendly DIY Baby Shower

Sprinkle the table with our eco-friendly confetti

Add a little love to your table with Eco Party Time’s eco-friendly Paper Confetti. It comes in almost any color you can imagine and adds a fun flair to your table without adding unnecessary waste to our planet!

Ecofriendly Paper Confetti-Ecofriendly DIY Baby Shower

“No new gifts, please!”

If the eco-friendly mother-to-be is looking to limit her environmental impact, consider asking guests to bring only gift cards or used gifts. Instead of having the guests buy new toys and baby furniture, ask them to bring a thrifted or pre-loved gift. Some ideas might include one of their favorite children’s books, or a lightly used items from Facebook Marketplace.

Ecofriendly DIY Baby Shower Party Table Setup

Decorate the table with items from around your house!

While you may need to purchase some eco-friendly items for your party, another way to throw an eco-friendly bash is by simply using items from around the house to decorate your party. Do you own a lot of plants? Use those instead of buying flowers! Do you own pretty linens? No need to buy a plastic tablecloth! Get creative and you’re sure to throw a baby shower that’s one-of-a-kind!

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