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Sara D., BK, NY - Square 10" Palm Leaf Plate - Pack of 25- 7/31/16
Five stars, the plates were great. 

Kylie T., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - Square 10" Palm Leaf Plate - Pack of 25- 7/27/15
They were amazing, the only thing I wasn't too happy with was the logo on them , but amazing product overall 

Betsy L., San Diego, CA - Compostable White CPLA Forks and Knives - Pack of 50 - 7/15/16
The utensils are for me at work, I was inspired to buy them after going to Green & Lean café for lunch. They have a poster on the wall talking about how straws and plastic utensils stay in the environment essentially forever. I was struck by the thought and Googled eco utensils when I got back to the office and your company came up. It was easy to order, quick transit time, good email updates and very fair price. I will order again when I need a refill!

Sarah F., New Orleans, LA - Plantable Bat Mitzvah Flat Card Favor- 7/12/16
I loved the cards and everyone who received them thought they were great!  It was a perfect idea for us, too.  I do not (yet) know how well they actually worked.  I haven't gotten any feedback like "hey, I got a bunch of flowers , in a star shape too" or any thing at all.  Obviously, that is an important point....

Mary C., Cape Coral, FL  - Green Compostable PLA Utensils (Knives, Forks, or Spoons) - Pack of 50 - 7/10/16
Great - Four stars

Linda R., Mequon, WI – Plantable Love Is In the Air Favor- 5/26/16
Ordered the dress plantable favors for a bridal shower with our invite and theme being the dress. The design was a perfect fit! Using an Avery sticker template, a dress design was downloaded and printed with each guest’s name. The stickers were adhered to the envelope containing the plantable favor and used as place cards. Guests raved about the idea!

Curious, five to six plantables were planted in a pot, placed in a west window and kept moist. Then the wait, patience is required. The anticipation, fun! The picture shows the wildflower growth after three months – nothing outstanding considering the number of dresses planted.

As favors go, the plantable cost is minimal, if purchased without the suggested envelope. While one plantable does not make much of a statement, it may be used creatively to make a statement!

– Four Stars

Jillian S., Mission Viejo, CA - Grey Compostable Tablecloth & Cocktail Napkins, 6" & 10" White Sugarcane Plates, Eco Gecko Disposable Wooden Forks & Knives, Compostable 9oz Clear Cold Cups - 1/2/16
We just had our baby shower and the products I purchased worked great. The guests really loved that they the plates and utensils were super sturdy AND eco-conscious. One of the guests even asked where I got them when thinking about her next party! I will definitely be coming back to you for our next events. Everything came quickly and the prices were great. It's so wonderful to clean up from a party and not have to feel guilty about throwing things out. Thank you!

Kathryn R., Fairfield, CT - Organza Favor Bags, It's a Boy Banner, Blooming Paper Confetti & Tissue Paper Tassel Garland, Plantable Onesie Flat Card Favor, Blue Patterned Hot/Cold Cups & Cocktail Napkins, Natural & Green Solid Color Plates, Rubber Ducky Felt Banner - 12/28/15 
Hi Everything was wonderful ! My son and his wife are taking great care to stick with organics as they prepare for their baby's arrival so I was happy to find your site for the baby shower. Everything arrived on time, was of great quality and looked adorable. I recycled my sons 30 + year old blocks to create the centerpiece. The plantable favors were a big hit!

Customer Photo Baby Shower Decorations EcopartytimeCustomer Image Plantable Onesie Favor Ecopartytime


Lydia N., Galena, IL - 9" Square Plate All Occasion Bamboo Veneerware - Pack of 25 - 9/24/15
We give these plates a 5! They are sturdy and great for our Scrabble Halloween costume! I know, that's not what you were expecting, right? The teachers at our school are dressing as Scrabble letters and the students have to try and unscramble the letters to win a prize. These plates are great Scrabble letters as the bamboo looks like a wood Scrabble piece. We're even happier that we can do something good for the environment by recycling them. Thanks so much!
9" Veneerware Plates Photo

Blaed S., Los Angeles, CA - Square 8" x 8" Sugarcane Plates, Compostable White CPLA Forks, Knives, & Spoons - 6/12/15
I recently purchased compostable utensils and sugarcane plates from EcoPartyTime and could not have been happier with my experience, and the products themselves. My order was extremely last-minute, but even so, not only did the items arrive exactly as promised and perfectly on-time for our party, but they were even better than I expected. The material was exactly as described on the site, and the overall quality was exceptionally high -- well worth the money. Honestly, however, the best bonus of all was the peace-of-mind gained from knowing our gathering wasn't contributing to landfill with cheap toxic plastics and styrofoam. Our guests loved it, and so did we. I will absolutely utilize EcoPartyTime in the future.

Christine W., Tiburon, CA - Yellow Patterend Plates & Hot/Cold Cups - 5/20/15
We loved the cups and plates. They were substantial, good quality, very pretty, and actually sparked conversation.  

Melody O., Meridian, ID - Sugarcane Plates, Compostable Cold Cups, & Compostable Red Utensils - 5/19/15 I would give you 5 stars. The service was great and we were very happy with our order. I was especially excited that we could get red biodegradable utensils!

Candace C., North Palm Beach, FL - Smencils, TickleMe Plant Favor - 5/16/15
4 stars - loved the concept and the gift itself as my 8-year old's party favor-- but having attempted to do it myself - I roasted the plant before it had a chance to grow.

Jesse B., Los Angeles, CA - Compostable Clear Cold Cups - 5/11/15
5 stars. Not only are the products quality, but the customer service is always wonderful, responsive and pro-active.  

Jennifer O., Langhorne, PA - Plantable Cross Flat Card Favor - 4/22/15
Love this item! I would definitely give this 5 stars. I ordered the cross favor for my daughter’s communion party. What a unique item! Everyone loved them! It was something different to give out as a favor. I placed my order late and was assured that I would receive it in time and I did! THANK YOU!  

Stephanie K., North Branford, AK - 6" x 6" Sugarcane Plates, Packnwood Disposable Wooden Forks, Recycled Grey Patterned Cocktail Napkins - 4/22/15
I spread started recommending your store and products to everyone I know. I think your products are great. I would give them 5 stars.

Mary C., Loris, SC - Heart Shaped Palm Leaf Plate, 10" Palm Leaf Plate, Eco Gecko Disposable Wooden Forks, Knives, & Spoons - 4/21/15
We loved the palm leaf plates and disposable wooden utensils. We cant wait to use them. I do wish the teeth on the forks were a little longer. I will send pics of our event when it happens on Aug. 15th. 2015. Thanks so much.

Jeanne R., Chicago, IL - Compostable Hot & Cold Cups, White Recycled Lunch Napkins, Grey & Red Patterned Compostable Tablecloths, Compostable Bagasse 7" & 10" Plates, Compostable CPLA Forks, Knives, Spoons - 4/11/15
If your products are as eco friendly as you say we were much relieved to be able to use disposable paper/plastic items that will not be a greater threat to the environment. We had a few forks with tines being broken, but over all we were very pleased with all of the items. We will definitely order again for future events.

Tia L., Putnam Valley, NY - Square Sugarcane Plates, Big Dipper Waxworks Birthday Number Cake Candles, Compostable Bowls & Cups - 3/15/15
We loved the square sugarcane plates, both large and small, and the clear drink cups. They were perfect for our huge Passover Seder. Elegant AND compostable! Ordering was easy, shipping was fast, and the price was reasonable. We will be ordering from EcoParty Time again. Also, the beeswax number candles are adorable.

Doris L., Statesboro, NY - Bee My Valentine Plantable Valentine's Day Cards - 1/21/15
I took the plantable Valentines cards to my garden club meeting; our program was on bees, so the Valentine was perfect. Each person got a Valentine and will plant the heart. I hope the seeds come up. Thank you for making the meeting more enjoyable. I was one of the hostesses. 

Daniel J., Croton on Hudson, NY - Square 10" Palm Leaf Plates & Packnwood Disposable Wooden Forks - 1/9/15
The palm leaf plates were perfect for my mom's 96th birthday buffet as were the wooden forks. Would rate them both 5 stars as well as your prompt service! Thank you. 

Ingrid G., Dallas, TX - Personalized Birthday Seed Packets - 10/11/14
It was easy to order and packaging was perfect so I give it 4 stars. Since we ordered flower seeds I am not sure how well the product actually works yet (I.e. Blooms, etc.) 

Parisha H., Atlanta, GA - Personalized Fall Themed Muslin Bag - Silhouette Designs - 10/7/14
5 is my rating. I had a last minute request and you all fulfilled it very quickly and professionally. My product arrived on time and all of them were perfectly done. Thanks!

Kelsey H., San Francisco, CA - Bamboo Veneerware Utensils, 5" Palm Leaf Bowls, 10" Palm Leaf Plates - 10/1/14
I got so many compliments on them! I loved them so much - thank you!!

Charity P., Newhall, CA
Heart Plantable Confett
i - Absolutely adorable! These pretty pastel pieces are just a touch bigger than I would have liked, but they are so cute I don't care! They aren't so much the fluttery confetti for tossing as a nice table decoration. That being said, we threw them all over the garden to giggling delight. I only wish they came in a brighter rainbow mix.
Modern Paper Confetti - This confetti flutters and flies just the way confetti should, and it's biodegradable! We mixed it with other confetti for my wedding to toss instead of rice, and it fluttered beautifully. Cool color combo, too! It also looked great on the table.
Chevron Middy Bags - Exactly what I was looking for! These made for great little bags for me to tie up our table ware and party favors in. The colors were bright and looked stunning on the table! We loved it!
Eco Gecko Disposable Wooden Knives - A little unwieldy to use, these looked really cute on the table regardless, and they made for excellent dull knives for children to use.
Eco Gecko Disposable Wooden Spoons and Forks - Thse looked very cute on the table tied up with the knive and fork with a bit of jute twine. People did complain that it was a little uncomfortable on the mouth and lips, (an uncomfortable texture, I guess?) We ordered 100, and our boxes came up short by about 2. One of the forks was too frayed to use.

Jacquelyn R., Fort Lauderdale, FL - Compostable Bagasse Plates, Bamboo Veneerware, Bamboo Sporks - 7/10/14
Thank you, everything has arrived. I should have ordered more. Next time!

Kyla S., Chicago, IL - Vintage Wedding Personalized Seed Packets - 7/7/14
I would rate this product a 5. The seed packets look great and the stickers are very classy.

Mark G., Fort Lauderdale, FL - Compostable 7" & 10" Plates, Compostable Forks, Compostable Clear Cold Cups, Recycled Lunch Napkins - 6/22/14
They worked out beautifully!

Nancy R., Hollywood, FL - Organza Bags - 3/14/14
My review to your company & product will be a 10 star! I will definitely order again thanks

Gina H., Pawling, NY - Plantable Cross Flat Card Favor - 5/5/14
I give the cross seed cards a 5! Everyone at our party loved them and wanted extras. I am so happy with the order and your customer service is perfect. My item arrived in plenty of time. Thanks so much!

Keali D., Streamwood, IL - Please Be Seeded Snowflake Plantable Seed Place Cards - 11/14/13
I rate these a 5! I absolutely LOVE my Please Be Seeded Snowflake Plantable Seed Place Cards!!!! Thank you!

Brenda H., Russellville, AK - Autumn Leaf Eco Confetti - 11/6/13
Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center recently held a retirement reception for one of our prominent physicians who has served our community for 33 years. More than 600 people attended the event. In the center of the reception room we had a “giving tree” where people could write a sentence or two to express their thanks to Dr. Turner. These “Thank you Dr. Turner” cards were then hung from the tree. After each person wrote their sentiment, they picked up a few of confetti leaves to take home - to plant or to save as a remembrance. One of Dr. Turner’s passions is gardening, so being able to share a few wildflower seeds with his guests truly pleased him. Your Autumn Leaf Eco Confetti was the perfect complement to this fall themed event. These lovely little leaves were greatly appreciated by all who attended and as well as our guest of honor. Thank you for being such a great resource. The quality and value of your product is exceptional. The customer service and prompt, reasonable shipping is a great benefit. Your company and products definitely rate a 5 STAR and I look forward to using your products again.  
Autumn Confetti

Moira D., San Francisco, CA - Personalized Wildflower Seed Favors for Fall - 8/23/13
Five stars! We ordered seed packets as party favors for my daughter's birthday party. They came very quickly and looked as good in person as they did on the site (they come with packets and stickers that you put on the packets yourself - I wasn't expecting this, but it made a fun activity to do with my daughter). I can't say anything about the flowers that grow from the seeds themselves (nothing has sprouted yet), but I absolutely love that EcoPartyTime provides a great alternative for party favors. Unlike the typical party favors which are little pieces of plastic crap, these seeds have little negative environmental impact, and give kids a chance to plant something and watch it grow!

Aya S., San Jose, CA - Mini Garden Shovels & Plantable Birthday Cupcake Favor - 7/28/13
I always like your eco party favors and this time as well, our guests were impressed how nice they are. Just one small note I think worth mentioning is that the Mini garden shovels were a little too sharp at the edge. I know it will be useful to dig even hardest soils, but as this was a kid's birthday favor, I was a little bit nervous if some kids were too small to handle it well. (Product warning has been added!) The other item, the plantable card was very cute and the color was right as I expected. So, thank you for your wonderful favors and please keep adding more interesting and eco stuff.

Katherine G., Huntington, NY - Mini Linen Drawstring Pouch with Vintage Infused Love Print - Set of 12 - 7/6/13
I LOVED the Mini Lined Drawstring Pouches. I am an event planner and I used them for a client for her wedding. We filled them with seasoned wine nuts. The pouches were the perfect size for favors and looked great with the little tags that we attached.

Mini Drawstring Vintage Pouch

Peter S., Chicago, IL - Organza Favor Bags - 6/29/13
5 out of 5. Excellent. Thank you!

Grace A., New York, NY - Watercolours EcoGarland - 6/11/13
I loved the EcoGarlands - they exceeded my expectations.

Sonja C., Drexel Hill, PA - Mini Wooden Clips (Set of 24) & Big Dipper Waxworks Birthday Number Cake Candles - 4/28/13
I was very happy with your products and would give them both a 5. They arrived promptly and were perfect for our quadruplets' third birthday celebration! I used the clips to pin up ABC cards (alphabet themed party). Thanks so much for helping make the party so special!

Daniella G., Bartlett, IL - Plantable Birthday Cupcake Favor - 3/21/13
The product was definitely five stars all the way! I look forward to using your site for future gifts and favors. Thanks!

Suzanne L., - Ewa Beach, HI - Organic Green Two Piece Woven Favor Boxes - Set of 6 - 3/4/13
I rate the product 5 stars.  It was exactly as stated in your ad for size and color.  Very strong box to hold the favors.  Easy to decorate.  My daughter is very pleased with the product and loves it.  Worth every penny.

Naomi F., New York, NY - Groovy Happy Birthday Felt Banner with Stars, Pretty in Pink EcoGarland, Thank You Seeded Blank Notecards - 11/29/12
We loved it.  Everything we received from you we were very happy with.

Michelle C., Austin, TX - Fair Trade Chocolate Lip Balm Favor - 11/27/12
Everyone loved it. I gave them out as thank you's with the cupcake seed cards and they were a huge hit! They all thought they were so original.

Holly W., Wales, WI - All Natural Ballet Star Play Makeup Kit - 11/26/12
I loved it! Thank you. My 4 yo daughter wanted make-up for Christmas and of course I didn't want to give her toxic junk. Thank you for offering an alternative.

Jenny J., Easton, NH - Eco Stars Recycled Crayons - 11/18/12
I really liked them! They held up well and got lots of positive comments from guests as well. Thanks for helping make our son's first birthday eco friendly!

Jamie W., Tallahassee, FL - Soy & Beeswax Kitty Egg Crayons - 7/2/12
I really liked them. I used them as party favors for both our daughters birthday parties so I only gave one to each child. I love how the look like Owls, we are more dog people. I'd give them a 5.

Deborah T., Corona, CA - Baby in Bloom Personalized Shower Seed Packets - 6/18/12
I think they're great! Exactly what I was hoping for....a party favor that wasn't expensive and at the same time eco-friendly.

Marni V., Norwood, NJ - Plantable Graduation Favor - 6/15/12
They were perfect! Thank you for assisting me. It was great doing business with EcoPartyTime.

Michele C., Denville, NJ - Plantable Birthday Cupcake Favor - 5/4/12
The plantable cupcake favors were fantastic and a beautiful way for guests to remember my mother’s 90th birthday. Thanks for all your help in making this special occasion even more special for all.

Stephanie W., Hackensack, NJ - Plantable Cross Flat Card Favor - 5/2/12
LOVED the cross favor. I got so many compliments on them and they were beautiful and eco friendly :)

Kaitlin L., Sharpsburg, GA - Plantable Cross Flat Card Favor - 4/9/12
The cross favors turned out great. We were very happy with them. And the turn around was great as we ordered last minute - we had them in plenty of time!  I look forward to planting them and hope they produce great flowers!

Kathy B., Derry, NH - All Natural Ballet Star Play Makeup Kit, Cuddles and Kisses Nail Polish Gift Set - 4/9/12
Very impressed...The make up and nail polish are fantastic...Will absolutely order again & recommend to my friends.

Vivianne C., Orlando, FL - Recycled Paper DIY Halloween Confetti, Recycled Paper DIY Spring/Summer Confetti, Recycled Paper DIY Winter Confetti - 1/12/12
Thank you for the confetti. I already used them. Specially the ones of "rats". I looked over and over in many places and you were the only one who had it. My son was doing a rat maze for a science project and the confetti gave the project a different and unique touch. I'm a confetti fan and I use it for everything, so for sure I will get in touch with you again.

Jen H., Darien, CT - Queen's Felt Crown, Eco Stars Recycled Crayons, Nail Polish Remover - 11/7/11
Loved them all! Great products and great website.

Jenna C., New York, NY - Please Be Seeded Leaf Plantable Seed Place Cards - 10/23/11
I loved the please be seeded cards for my sisters bridal shower! They were creative and went well with the fall theme we had. They were a great conversation piece and everyone at the party enjoyed them!

Christine Denny, Geneva, IL - Plantable Cross Flat Card Favor - 4/30/11
I am just thrilled with your plantable cross favor product! I received them last Wednesday, so timely. Appreciate so much. SO, I'd like to order more!!!! Placing my order online now. Thanks again for a great product, reasonable price, and timely shipping.

Mary Meyers, Lake Jackson, TX - Felt Runner Flowers - 4/9/11
The items were used as small Easter presents for my grown daughters. They both seemed delighted with them and are using them as spring decor in their homes. They came very quickly and in time for my need.

Joanne Plunkett, Houston, TX - Felt Runner Flowers, Viva Green Recycled Paper Napkin - 4/9/11
Loved the party runners- they looked terrific on orange tablecloths with multicolored flowers at a party for 50+ women. The Viva Green napkins matched perfectly, but I had to look for contrasting cocktail size for the drink table. Would have liked more variety from you all!

Amy Rozen, Rockaway, NJ - Plantable Bat Mitzvah Flat Card Favor - 4/3/11
We gave these out as party favors for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah yesterday. They were lovely, and the kids thought they were really cool! Everyone seemed to like them very much. I was happy with a unique, pretty and inexpensive party favor. Thanks!

April Bowling, Essex, MA - Eco Stars Recycled Crayons - 3/22/11
These are so beautiful! We are using them as the party favors for my son's 6th birthday and he loves them! The box is so nice that you don't need any additional packaging to dress them up. The other nice thing? They are gender neutral so we can use them for my daughter's birthday party too!

Cecily Shepherd, Central Point, OR - Apple Green Stripe Recycled Paper Gift Bags - 2/18/11
These were just exactly what I was looking for. And I was thrilled with the prompt customer service! I placed an order for more than they currently had in stock and they got back to me within a day to let me know and find out how I would like to proceed. I also got email updating me as my back order came in and when the order was shipped. And the bags are nice, too!

Lianne Packard, Dover, DE - Please Be Seeded Snowflake Plantable Seed Place Cards - 2/6/11
I used these at my sister's bridal shower. They were a hit!! Everyone loved the design and the eco-friendliness. I had a difficult deciding on which design I wanted so, I needed expedited shipping by the time I placed my order. The order was promptly processed and the cards arrived a day ahead of time!!

Jake Randolph, Erie, PA - Crazy Crayons "Recycle" Crayon Sticks - 2/2/11
I purchased not one, not two, but three packs of these recycled crayons. These crayons are just as good, if not better than “original” crayons and they don’t roll away from you! I never knew that this type of product was out there, but now that I have found them I will continue to purchase them.

Yvonne T., Van Nuys, CA - Eco Stars Recycled Crayons - 1/18/11
The kids at our party loved these crayons! They were a big hit and everyone liked the cool star shape. They are thicker and more sturdy than I expected, so they will last a long time. The packaging is pretty cool too. The colors are very vibrant!

Sylvia Rodriguez, Brooklyn, NY - Baby in Bloom Personalized Shower Seed Packets - 12/29/10
Although the company that shipped the labels made a minor mistake, I would highly recommend EcoPartyTime. They were happy to adjust my order several days later & then change the shipping address. Best customer service.
Thank you, Monica!