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Eco-chic Tips for Beautiful Valentine Inspired Weddings

Eco-chic Tips for Beautiful Valentine Inspired Weddings
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In love with LOVE? Consider using the traditional elements of Valentine's Day to make your wedding sweet & eco-chic.

February is here and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. February 14th is also one of the more popular days to get married. After all, what better time to declare your love for your sweetie than on a day completely dedicated celebrating Love itself. I personally think Valentine’s weddings are lucky. My mother and father were married on Valentine’s Day forty years ago and they are more in love today than when they married. =o) I know there were many other factors which contributed to their loving success but I believe starting their life together in such a romantic way definitely helped. Here are some easy and eco-chic ways you can incorporate the traditional Valentine’s icons into your big day!


Valentine Eco-chic Wedding Theme – Two Hearts . . .No Waiting

Quick, think of the shape that reminds you of Valentine’s Day. Raise your hand if you are thinking of a heart. On second thought, put down your hands or people may begin to stare at you. The heart is the iconic shape which always represents Valentine’s Day and love. Adding this shape into your décor scheme will make your February wedding romantic and sweet. EcoPartyTime carries many sustainable products that are heart-shaped including sweetly heart shaped honeycombs and seeded heart shaped confetti. Heart shaped cookies can be purchased from your local bakeries. Tissue paper garlands are a craze these days, our macaron tissue paper or blushing tissue paper six feet garland will fit perfectly with valentine theme.

Some of my favorite new favors on EcoPartyTime just happen to be heart shaped as well. The  Sole Mates plantable favor in bright and pastel colors are just adorable! I also love the heart-shaped Big Dipper beeswax candles which would look great on your valentine wedding tables in groups of three or four. Last but not least, Ecopartytime has cheery red paper straws which would look great sticking out of the top of an organic adult beverage.


Valentine, candle, beeswax candle, heart shaped


Valentine Eco-chic Wedding Theme – a Rose by Any Other Name

We all know roses and other flowers are a fragrant part of the Valentine experience. Make them a part of your Valentine wedding’s theme by scattering freeze dried rose petals over the dining tables and across your aisle, giving your guests seeded flower confetti to throw, or using potted flowers and bushes to decorate your wedding venue.

Valentine Eco-chic Wedding Theme – Dark, Rich and Fair Trade Chocolates

Valentine’s Day and chocolate are always linked together. Thick, sweet and creamy, you can incorporate this classic element by adding a chocolate martini as your signature drink and giving each guest a fair trade truffle as a sweet parting favor.

valentines, pink, confetti

Valentine Eco-chic Wedding Theme – Two Little Love Birds

A more whimsical element on Valentine’s Day is the idea of lovebirds. Ecopartytime has numerous ways to make your lovebird wedding one which will be totally tweet, pardon the pun! Use plantable love birds pastel favor cards at each place setting or as part of your eco-chic centerpiece that can also serve as a favor. Make a DIY love bird garland out of our dove plantable favors and with bakers twine, a la our dragonfly garland in our eco-chic tea party post.

Valentine Eco-chic Wedding Theme – Red & Pink-alicious

Using a palette of reds and pinks will really enrich your Valentine Wedding theme. Choose a neutral color to accent your chosen Valentine color to take the wedding from Kitschy to cool. Pink and gray or black are popular combos as is red and white. From red or pink honeycomb tissue heart decorations to eco-friendly paper straws, divine twine and regular paper treat bags in pink and gray or red and white, you’ll show your Valentine’s spirit. Dress up your cupcakes with Valentine themed cupcake wrappers in pink and grey or red and white. Most of the wrappers are available as free printables.

wedding, cupcakes, wrappers,

I hope I have given you some great ideas on how to incorporate the traditional hearts, flowers, chocolates and lovebirds icons into your own day of love. We’d love to see photos of how you took my ideas and made them into your own eco-chic Valentine’s wedding, so share with us! This is Melissa Wagner-Gens, your green event expert wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and as always, “Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After. . . ”!

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Melissa Wagner-Gens is Ecopartytime's Green Resident Expert. She is also a Green Event Educator, certified event planner.
All images courtesy of Emerald Events & Weddings.

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