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Pirate Party Decorations, Costumes and Treasures-Part1

Pirate Party Decorations, Costumes and Treasures-Part1
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Talk like a Pirate is an international event day on Sept 19th every year. EcoPartyTime.com can help you host your own Pirate Theme Party on this fun day with an eco-twist of course! This theme is loved by kids of all ages and it is super easy to pull off with environmentally friendly props and decorations. Ahoy Matey!

Pirate Party supplies


Pirate Theme Party Costumes-What your swashbucklers can wear!
To really make any theme come alive for your guests, especially children, offer dress up pieces they can choose from upon arrival.  A pirate hat is a must! You can craft hats from black construction paper or use the sturdier Pirate Felt Hat. Complete the look with a pirate eye patch, easily made from pieces of scrap material and Divine Twine to tie it all together. Repurpose some old t-shirts by decorating them with treasure maps, tall ships, or treasure chests.  Use larger shirts and cut them to look ragged, then belt with a leftover piece of red or black fabric.  Instant pirate!

Pirate Theme Party Games
Simple party games are always a hit, but to really ramp up the fun, immerse your party-goers in a storyline.  A quick write up, ordering each activity with a narrative purpose, will transport your guests to an enchanted party land!  Don’t just hunt for a treasure, first you need to sail to the island.  And on the way, maybe you encounter rebels that you have to fight off.  After the treasure is found, celebrate with a banquet of Gold Dust Cupcakes and Captains Treasure Treats!


Pirate Party Favors

Pirate Party - Treasure, Treasure... where is the treasure?
All kids love a treasure hunt – especially if the party is a pirate theme!  Draw up the party area on a piece of canvas or heavy paper.  Be sure to mark the treasure spot with a red “X”!  A quick dip or spray with some cooled tea will add age and color to your map.  If each child will have their own map, they can color them with “Recycle” Crayon Sticks.

Pirate Party Decoration

Avast, me hearties!  There be trouble in these waters!
Now that we have our map in hand, we are sailing away to Treasure Island!  All pirates know that the high seas are full of treasure and trouble.  As your guests use their imagination to “sail” the seven seas, they will encounter a rebel boat!  Encourage the kids to throw Water Bombs at their enemy.  These soft, water-filled sponges are an eco-friendly alternative to water balloons.  To make them, simply cut up a sponge into strips.  Hold the strips in a pile and then tie them in the middle with Divine Twine.  Have a few buckets around the area so the bombs can be recharged for each throw.  There are no small pieces to pick up and throw away as with water balloons, but there is all the fun of lobbing cannon balls at your enemy!  They can also be used over and over again.  After the ships are sunk, the pirates can move on to sword fighting with these neat soft sarah silk swords!

Will the party guests find the treasure?  Stay tuned for Part 2 and the end of our fabulous Pirate Party!

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Daniele Segraves is a working mother of five kids who enjoys throwing fantastic eco-chic kid parties. For Ecopartytime's blog, she regularly plans eco-chic themes around her kids ages and shoot pictures for inspiring others which further helps other busy green parents do the same. She is also the Assistant Chica Verde for Emerald Certified Seminars, the premier green event planner certification program. She believes everyone deserves a brilliantly green party at least once in their life, regardless of age, race, shape, hair color, or pizza topping preference.

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