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Shabby Chic Garden Tea Party Part 1 - Planning the Setting, the Colors, and the Style

Shabby Chic Garden Tea Party Part 1 - Planning the Setting, the Colors, and the Style
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A shabby chic garden tea party is the perfect theme for a fun and stylish event for eco-chic girls of any age. Tea parties will suit many occasions and can be designed around your favorite color palette. As you can see in these photos, lavender and mint green look lovely together and the dragonfly accents add whimsy to the overall design.

A Shabby Chic Garden Tea Party Needs a Lovely Setting

It wouldn't be a shabby chic garden tea party without setting it in a beautiful garden. If you don't have a garden, blooming with spring or summer flowers behind your home, see if you can borrow the garden of a grandmother, aunt, or other close relative to host your party. If that isn't possible, check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see if there is a garden or park available for private parties.

Shabby Chic Clothing Style is Part of the Fun at this Tea Party

It's eco-friendly to dress up for a shabby chic tea party. Your guests should aim to dress in Sunday best, proper lady attire. They can choose clothing already in their closets, purchased in a thrift store or from another recycled source. Or they can dress in eco-friendly Sarah Silk Princess Dresses and Sarah Silk Garlands for a more whimsical look. Ladylike hats, gloves and vintage jewelry will complete the outfits. If they don't arrive with all of the necessary accessories, why not finish their look by supplying them when guests arrive? Then everyone will look and feel beautiful, ready to have a fine afternoon enjoying tea, cakes, and conversation.

Shabby Chic Decorations will Complete the Mood and Add Whimsy to your Garden Tea Party

Eco Party Time has a great assortment of party supplies to help set the mood for your shabby chic garden tea party. Elegant plantable dragonflies can form the basis of a whimsical design. Choose color pairings to suit the palette of your party, for example: purple and mint green; cornflower blue and marigold yellow; pink and dove grey - let your imagination wander.

Use these dragonflies to make a decorative garland using divine twine in coordinating colors. Create the garland by tying a plantable dragonfly every six inches, alternating colors as you proceed. It's simple but effective.

Sprinkle extra color on your serving table with five petal plantable confetti. Choose just a few coordinating colors or go with all of the colors in your garden. When planted, this confetti will show off its true colors by growing into wildflowers. Best of all, no trees were harmed to make this lovely, festive decoration.

Build excitement by displaying your carefully planned, green party favors. Fill festive, recyclable, biodegradable middy bitty bags with handfuls of plantable dragonflies and wildflower seed packets tied with matching divine twine. Your guests will be so delighted that they can take home these eco party favors and create their own inviting garden at home.


Set a fabulous tea table using antique or pure white linens and vintage or vintage-looking china. Tarnished flatware adds to the shabby chic style of your tea party. Once the table has been set, sprinkle romantic, freeze dried rose petals on it.


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