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Top Picks for an Eco-friendly Easter Gift Basket

Top Picks for an Eco-friendly Easter Gift Basket
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Easter morning is a special time for family traditions, which might include attending a sunrise church service; donning a new spring outfit; or hosting a special Easter brunch. But for young children, no tradition can beat the excitement they feel in checking out their Easter basket. And shouldn't parents, who only want the best for their families, fill those baskets with items that are healthy for the children as well as the planet?

Unfortunately, too many products sold for filling those cheerful baskets are one time use items that, once they are discarded, will sit in landfills for many generations. Rather than contributing to the future health of our planet for our children and grandchildren, they contribute to its decay. Many of these well intended basket fillers contain toxins, artificial ingredients, and too much sugar, none of which is good for little growing bodies.

Therefore, we propose a new approach to Easter baskets. Goodies and gifts that will bring the joy of Easter morning to our children, that are as good for them as they are for the environment.

Use a Felt Goodie Bag - Instead of giving your child a plastic basket that will be quickly forgotten and tossed into the trash to sit in a landfill for many generations, choose an adorable felt bag that is made from all natural materials and will be loved and reused for many years.

Give a Felt Welcome Spring Banner - Why decorate with paper or plastic garlands for Easter when you can choose a cheerful, eco-friendly banner instead? While paper and plastic Easter garlands are just begging to be torn down and tossed into the trash when the holiday's over, felt banners will fit right in throughout the spring season, and are durable enough to be reused again next year. You can feel good knowing that even the manufacturing process is eco-friendly, requiring no water, trees, or bleach, and 50% less energy than the creation of paper garlands. Unlike plastic garlands that will corrupt landfills for many generations, these banners are made from felt and can be used for many years to come. How's that for a springtime decoration that's eco-friendly any way you look at it?

Surprise her with a Little Chick Nailpolish Gift Set - Yes, you can give in to your little girl’s wishes to wear nail polish, and still keep her safe from toxins. Piggy Paint Nail Polish is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and comes in fun pastel colors that will add as much color to your little girl’s Easter basket as they will to her little piggy toes!

Color with an Eco-Eggs Coloring Kit - Kids of all ages look forward to coloring eggs at Easter time, but who wants to eat those eggs unless you can be sure that the dyes are made from non-toxic, all natural ingredients? The natural dyes in this kit come in three, mixable colors and an eco-friendly package. And don’t worry, there’s a color mixing chart included for your budding Picasso.

Fill it with Soy and Beeswax Kitty Crayons - Why train your little ones to become sugar monsters by overloading their baskets with sweets? Instead, find healthier substitutions such as these soy and beeswax kitty crayons that are perfect for little hands to hold. Each kitty crayon is made from non-toxic materials and is equal to 8 standard stick crayons, but will last much longer than those breakable sticks when young children are just beginning to learn fine motor coordination.

Sneak in a gift that will keep them busy, by giving an Organic Color Your Own Cookie Gift Set - These cookies will also be a treat for the parents! As you prepare your Easter brunch or dinner, give your children a batch of these cookies to “help” prepare dessert for your guests, and you can rest easy knowing that these cookies come from a bakery that’s nut-free and USFDA certified organic. In addition, this bakery believes in the premise of fair-trade, sourcing their ingredients from small, sustainable farms that support living wages. Here’s a goodie that you can feel really good about giving.

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