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Eco-Friendly Golden Autumn Themed Wedding

Eco-Friendly Golden Autumn Themed Wedding
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Planning a gold-themed wedding or gold-themed party? Whether you’re looking for some sparkling decorations or some tableware to compliment your gold decor, Ecopartytime has some great products that’ll impress your guests without breaking the bank.

Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Golden Autumn Wedding

For my gold inspired table setting, I used a lot of Ecopartytime’s best gold products. If you’re looking for some gorgeous wedding decorations then you need to check out this Gold Paper Confetti. It’s handmade in the USA with 100% recycled tissue paper!

Ecopartytime: Golden Autumn Wedding

If you plan on giving your guests a little gift, then I recommend setting out these Metallic Gold Chevron Bags. These Chevron bags are easily available in your local stores. You can fill them with candy or cookies. You could also use these bags as little envelopes for our Plantable Card Favors!

Ecopartytime: Golden Autumn Wedding

I love serving cupcakes or muffins using mini wooden cupcake stands. These are a great way to display your amazing baking skills. They also make great centerpieces for your place settings.

Ecopartytime: Golden Autumn Wedding

Ecopartytime has multiple tableware options but I think all of them can be used to create beautiful, golden place settings! As you may notice, there are different types of tableware pictured in this blog. Put your own personal spin on your Golden Autumn Wedding or event with the tableware you love best.

Ecopartytime: Golden Autumn Wedding

Whether you use Palm Leaf Tableware, Bamboo Tableware or White Compostable Tableware, you can create a stunning arrangement.

Ecopartytime: Golden Autumn Wedding

Ecopartytime’s Chalkboard Place Cards really compliment all the gold decorations and eco-friendly tableware. You can get them with wooden frames for a more rustic occasion.

Ecopartytime: Golden Autumn Wedding

Ecopartytime has some great golden products to choose from. Usage of sparkly gold is one of the hottest trend in parties. But remember if there is too much shine then your party will not be considered as a green party so please be careful in choosing this color and keep the sparkle and shine minimal.



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