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Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration
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Thanksgiving is almost here and we've got some beautiful, eco-friendly inspiration to take your holiday decor to the next level. Ecopartytime has really great products for Thanksgiving and we'll show you exactly what to use. Whether you use this inspiration next year or integrate it into this year's set up - you'll love these ideas! 

Thanksgiving is coming - don’t be caught off guard without any Table Setting ideas! If you already have some of our Eco-Friendly Tableware on hand then all you need is to get some inspiration from these ideas below.

Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

What is Thanksgiving without some pumpkin decoration? I bought mini pumpkins at the grocery store and colored them with metallic Natural Food Paint. This paint is 100% Natural Plant and Mineral Based! These pumpkins make lovely centerpiece decoration I surrounded the pumpkins with Ecopartytime’s Golden Paper Confetti. Because I’m a sucker for cute confetti.

Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

Set up a classy table setting with Ecopartytime's Compostable White Tableware. This way you don't have to worry about doing any dishes after the meal. You can have a quick & easy clean up without using plastic plates and utensils. 

Ecopartytime; Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

Give your guests some delicious dessert options! I made these chocolate chip pumpkin muffins and used Autumn Pumpkins and Leaves Recycled Linen Paper Cupcake Wrappers to decorate the muffins. These liners make the muffins so cute and festive and is the easiest and cheapest way to bring theme and color to the table. Along with the pumpkins, they make a great table centerpiece. 

Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

Ecopartytime: Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Inspiration

There you have it! Some cute, eco-friendly Thanksgiving inspiration for you. We'd love you see how you end up decorating and making your Thanksgiving eco-friendly. Tag us in your photos with #ecopartytime 


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