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Sarah Silk Mermaid Costume

Sarah Silk Mermaid Costume
Silk Mermaid Costume
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Includes a full length mermaid tail, halter top and garland decorated with seaweed and ribbons. Shiny, fish scale-like heavy weight silk. Now with a reinforced front opening.


According to Greenhalloween.org, “many Halloween costumes available on today's market contain conventional toxic dyes that pollute waterways, and petroleum-based products that require oil drilling. Using silk costumes rather than petroleum based costumes helps alleviate the pollution in our environment. Silk is a natural fiber, a renewable resource, and an ancient product of China. Purchasing and using silk costumes rather than traditional made costumes helps preserve the environment instead of creating more waste. We encourage customers to reuse and recycle our high quality costumes. Using silk costumes for multiple Halloweens, sharing them with other children, and saving our silk costumes for dress-up time are wonderful ideas.

Our silk costumes are hand-hemmed in a small village near Shanghai. The seamstresses are in their homes, as their children play nearby. In addition, many of our products are sewn, ironed and packaged by women working in their homes in Sonoma County, CA. Our dyes are non-toxic and the silks are easily hand-washed.

Ways to Make Your Halloween Eco-Friendly
Ways to Make Your Halloween Eco-Friendly
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Posted: 09-23-2020 00:00
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Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate, especially with your children. What kid doesn’t love dressing up and getting free candy? I’m going to give you some tips so you can keep your halloween eco-friendly this year! Plus your kids are sure to love these fun Ecopartytime products.

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