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Yellow Compostable PLA 6 inch Knives - Pack of 50

Yellow Compostable PLA 6 inch Knives - Pack of 50
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Product Description

Are you looking for sturdy and colorful utensils for your next event? These PLA utensils are made from a corn-based derivative with similar physical properties to plastic. Food grade color pigment is used to color the utensils. PLA poses no health risk to humans, and, when properly composted, provides nutrition to the earth.

Additional Details

It is 100% renewable -- a perfect substitute for many plastic products, particularly disposable food service ware. Compared to plastic, PLA uses 2/3 less energy to produce, according to an independent analysis commissioned by NatureWorks. It also generates 2/3 less greenhouse gases, and contains no toxins. Certificate- Resin used to produce finished product has BPI certificate.


6" long 

Special Notes

Made from PLA resin, which is different from corn starch utensils. Heat tolerance is 110 Fahrenheit for PLA. Heat resistant utensils use additional process to crystallize the polymer and no harmful additives are mixed in. Commercial Industrial Composting required: 3 to 6 months. Not recommended for Home Composting. Compliant with all US food safety guidelines, no chemical and toxic substance. Made in Taiwan.

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